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Default Dedicated physx card

Hi all i wanna buy dedicated physx card to my GEFORCE GTX 285 what good card can i use it?
MY PC :: CPU 920 corei7 3.8gGHZ/RAM 6GB 1600 3*2 /BOARD gigabyte EX58UD4P / VGA geforce GTX285/monitor HP pavilion W2207 / HDD WD 1TB + WD 500GB /sound XFI TITANUM /SPEAKER CREATIVE GIGA WORKS G550 /PSU GIGABYTE 1200W / CASE FULL TOWER GIGA BYTE 3D AURURA.

Note :: i use my GTX 285 to rendering graphics & physx in all GAMES IN full details like full antialiasing 16XQ & full anisotropic 16X & FULL DETAILS IN ALL GAMES did the dedicated card for physx do any thing with my geforce GTX 285 like bettering the graphics or details or physx or just increase some frames or no thing to do.
if they do huge different plz tell me & tell me what the good card can i use to see the different ?
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