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Originally Posted by gulizard View Post
I had tested my rig at the 3.6GHz and it was 100% stable. I had no issues with it at that speed, however at 3.4GHz its 100% stable to, even under OCCT. I've had no errors at all tried both OC's now and the only thing different is the temps at 200MHz. So a 200MHz increase requires that much of a voltage bump? That is insane. I am def upgrading to I7.
It could be that the cpu has a lot more leakage in order to get those extra 200mhz. On a 780i board I could never get 3.6ghz stable. Even at 3420mhz I can pass Linpack or Prime95, but I'll have random crashes well playing games. I just backed it down to the tried and true 3.0ghz and left it at that.
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