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Default Re: Dedicated physx card

I have a GTX280 OC @ 702/1404/1215 as main and i'm using a GTS250 DK 1GB OC@ 828/2054/1050 and i got almost the same performance that when i was using my sister Gigabyte GTX260 OC version also overclock to 700/1500/1188.

I would say the GTS250 is more than enought i got more 20 to 30 fps in almost every title that uses the second card as dedicated physx.
Cryostasis its the heaviest one i found i got only like 10fps more but i think its the GTX280 also lacking of power. On Batman its very nice to see the extra effects you get in high physx settings.

Also before this GTS250 i tried a gt220 and a 8800gt, the 8800gt just runs to hot and noise got like 15 fps improvement, the GT220 its just to weak giving me only like 5 to 10 fps improvement.

I would say from my experience to go for GTS240 or GTS250 if u have money go for gtx260 but in my point of view and experience its a waste.

Hope it helped
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