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Default Re: Interesting / Important HotFixes

Slightly off topic but I figure this is a good place to post it considering the fix might just be an update/patch I'm not aware of.

When playing back music in WMP sometimes the computer will freeze. I can move the mouse, the keyboard lights are responsive, and for a few seconds I can minimize and open apps... but shortly after wards the system just hard locks and the HDD activity light is solidly light.

I've never had it happen when doing anything else- playing a video game, watching a movie, browsing the web, etc. ONLY when listening to music with WMP. Any ideas as to why this could be?

EDIT: Downloaded WinAmp to see if an alternate player would work... but absolutely hate the interface. So, I downloaded the Zune software remembering your comments regarding it in my MP3 Player thread... using it for now. I really like the software and if it works without freezing I'll never use WMP again.

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