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Default Re: VDPAU 9400GT MPEG2 artifacts

I believe we've found something at least related to this problem. We'd like some help testing this.

To test:

1) Install 32-bit driver 195.36.03. MUST use a 32-bit application. MUST use driver version 195.36.03. MUST use Linux.

2) Download

3) Copy the downloaded file over the top of existing /usr/lib/vdpau/ (if that file does not exist, check /usr/lib32/vdpau too).

4) If you already had 195.36.03 installed, make sure you restart any applications that use VDPAU.

Then, test playback of MPEG-2. Is the problem still present?

Finally: Even if the problems are fixed for you, note that the change in the downloaded libvdpau_nvidia isn't necessarily a complete solution, and nor is it yet included in any future driver. It's simply a data point to help us confirm our understanding.


cehoyos, out of curiosity, does this fix the corruption you have when also capturing using DVB? I assume that's MPEG-2 not H.264?
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