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Default Re: Dedicated physx card

Originally Posted by bashar-corei7 View Post
yes the price doesn't matter to me.bcz nvidia the top & im happy to pay any $ to nvidia card it is best of the best & i told all i play with monster details if I use 3 or 4 or 100 cards from ATI like 5970 they dont give me any performance like one GTX 285. i like nvidia bcz nvidid is the flag of performance.with my apologising to any one have ATI cards.thanks to all.
plz i wanna programme can overclocking the cpu of my laptop.
my laptop laptop HP pavilion dv 6820ee CPU intel 2 GHZ C2DUO centrino | ram 4 gb ddr2 | hd 250 GB | VGA 8400 MGS.
The problem with Laptop overclocking is not only does the BIOS usually not support it, but the coolers aren't good enough to keep the CPU cool enough. Not to mention the short battery life. If you really want to have a go, the place to start is the BIOS to see it allows you to alter the FSB
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