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Default Re: ***Official BioShock 2 (PC) Feedback Thread***

Fun game, The intro alone is great. Really gets you wanting to play. The who gathering gameplay to me is a let down, I wish you could actually have the little sisters lead you rather then a smoke trail. The game also seems to focus heavily on combat compared to the original. Your fighting alot of the time.

The characters you meet are interesting, others you really don't care too much about. The big sister is great when shes stalking you but the times you fight her seem meh. Dr. Tenenbaum for some reason looks significantly different from the original...

Graphics are ok, no worse or better then the original but there are low res textures in some parts that even get me say "wtf is that!". The game plays smooth but the mouse is alittle too sensitive. The audio work is still top notch, everything from the music to the voice work is still to the quality of the original.
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