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When the 1.03 system "freezes", does Ctrl-Alt-Backspace get you back to a console?

The "gray screen, black X-shaped thing in the middle" sounds like what X looks like when it doesn't load a window manager. If you just run X, you'll probably get the same thing. If Ctrl-Alt-Bksp works, then you should be able to get a working system by creating a .xinitrc file in your home directory. If you use KDE, then the file should consist of exec startkde by itself. If you use Gnome, then it should be exec gnome-session. If all else fails, you can try this:

twm &
xterm -geometry 100x66-0+0 &
xterm -geometry 20x20+0+0 -name login
Exit the xterm named "login" to get out of X.
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