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Default Overclock #2

okay first thread-

(starting second cuz no one looks at first lol)

Okay I got the Corsair H50 the thermal paste I used was the stuff already on it. My pc's fans setup is like this:

2 fans on top suckin air out
1 in back sucking air into H50 another on the other side sucking air through
1 on bottom sucking air out
1 on side I think sucking air in
1 in front sucking air in

the first fan sucking air into the H50 is plugged into a molex thing
the fan on the other side of the H50 is plugged into CPU fan
the pump is plugged into pwr fan

hope thats okay, the pump came with some paste allready on it I'm using that but ive got some random bestbuy stuff called Dynex

I overclocked a little bit in my bios is an option called Ai overlock, allowing you to oc i have it on the highest 10% which it 2.86GHZ I booted fine into windows and Ran Intel burn test:

here are the results the highest temp was 50 Degrees C
right now not really doing anything but typing this n stuff its 41D Celcius

am i good? like intel burn test said im stable maybe tonight I can run it for like 20? instead of 10

edit: right now its 40D C

I'f I wanted to really get crazy I could get a fan controller plug the fans that are on either side of the H50 into it and keep them on max and plug the fans that are on top of my case into the fan controller and put them on max to
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