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Default Re: ***Official BioShock 2 (PC) Feedback Thread***

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
I'm aware of everything you've pointed out.. and I have the speed up tonic already... I explore everything....I hack every machine, but usually dont have enough money to really stock up on everything...I'm still not real happy with the game. It just seems so...clunky to me. I still get killed all the time, the lightning plasmid doesn't last long enough to charge them most the time. I find I die from the guns and from a distance more than close quarters in which case the charge / melee is useless. I'll keep plugging on, maybe it will get better still.
You have the freeze?

I have level 2 and all the big enemies and ones with guns, I freeze and demolish. Big sisters and Rosie's are tougher, but the small fry are usually just a charge or melee slash away
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