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Default Re: VDPAU 9400GT MPEG2 artifacts

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
rdriscoll, that's unfortunate.

Is there any effect at all on the artifacts; i.e. is there reduction if not complete solution?

Can you test MPlayer? If so, is there any effect there?

Also, can you double-check that you placed the modified file in the correct place; please run the following command:

md5sum /usr/lib*/{vdpau/}*

The correct version should have md5sum bd1cd17cd1ce8afa77dfad66d14b91b1. The original version was 6abe8b5f8035f48c57a370820f93d493.

Thanks very much!

OK I replaced all the locations of the lib and it works! Sorry for the confusion and thanks

No more artifacts and I'm using advanced 1x de-interlacing. Does anyone know if the openGl vsync helps with mythTv?
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