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Default Re: 280 GTX SLI Powersupply Question

Originally Posted by war_child View Post
Would that be 40A total across all 4 rails, I also managed to find this table, if its 40 across all 4 then I should be good

Maximum Output: 750W
+3.3V: 30A
+5V: 28A
+12V1: 18A
+12V2: 18A
+12V3: 18A
+12V4: 18A

-12V: 0.8A
+5VSB: 3A
Power Factor Correction: Active PFC
Noise: 16dBA at 1300RPM
PG Signal: 100-500ms

Thanks for the reply
I think these are the rails that supply the card. NVidia recommend 10A per power cable (2 per card) so you're fine I think. As was said, as long as the 4 power cables are supplied by at least 2 rails
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