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Default Re: multimonitor with nvidia

Originally Posted by XMAN52373 View Post
Tell that to JC and his up coming Rage engine. He still uses OGL.
John can PM me any time he'd like to....

Heh- for some reason I thought he was going DX this time. As Doom 3 was my favorite game the year it came out (and Doom 1, 2, Quake 1,2 as well) obviously I'll be disappointed if I can't play Doom4 in 3d Vision Surround.

Won't stop me from enjoying everything else in 3d Vision Surround though. Playing with that at CES was a sort of life altering event for me- once you've used it, hard to go back. (although I'm really enjoying "Dark Void" at 25X16 with High PhysX lately)

I can pretty much guarantee if my wife doesn't come through with two more 2233RZs for my B-day this summer I'll be buying them anyway. (the only reason I haven't yet is we're at the stage where we pretty much have what we want and it's a rare holiday where I actually get something I'm excited to receive anymore- this will be kick ass!)
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