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Default Re: NVIDIA GF100 Previews

Originally Posted by JasonPC View Post
If it really is only 10% faster than the 5870 then nvidia had better undercut ATI's prices. If not there will be little incentive for me to buy one. If that's the case I may just buy the ATI card to help support them. I mean come on. Massive delays, higher power usage, and so much of a bigger die size just to squeak out 10%... ridiculous.
Hasn't been confirmed. In fact just rumors thus far. No one can say rather the final version will use more power, or even run hotter. Its all speculations.. and even if it does all the above right now in its current phase, it may not be with the final product that the public gets. Them holding back all the information is nerve racking. Its either one of two things. The card is really crappy, or its good enough its going to blow ATI out of the water... Either way I highly doubt I'll be purchasing a crappy ATI card. I dislike them, and their drivers.

Further more this is an nvidia fan site, and I've seen way to many fan boys outside of this thread that have just blown up with how nvidia sucks, with less then 100 post, some of them fresh registered users. Some of these guys that have been here for awhile that have ati cards that is fine, but it just shows that loyality to a company is lacking bad. Its whoever does better I suppose. Nvidia has yet to sell me a card that has not been able to play my games, and run my programs smoothly. I don't play musical cards.. Some people have the money to do that, I do, but I can think of better things to spend my money on then upgrading for a 10% increase, and honestly if it does 10% better at any game then nvidia has still won for now as far as performance.

I can remember someone taking identical shots of nvidia card, vs ati card. The nvidia card was producing a fog that wasn't showing up on ati cards, in fact a very popular game called AVP2 ati drivers would remove the fog in the predator vision, and from the maps. Making the entire game cheap because users with crappy ATI cards. I remember people show AA working ATI cards side by side with nvidia cards, and the nvidia card having a better quality smoother picture. I'd be willing to sacrifice a few FPS for a better looking game and picture quality for fermi. People who go on here and talk about "well I can run this game at 70 FPS, who cares? Anything past 70 FPS without vsync tearing is awful, and lets not to mention that 30 FPS is playable for many, and most of the current cards are running 45-50 FPS... Raw performance means little to me, and that is why nvidia is going to continue to have my performance. You guys who are running 100 FPS and want to do 200 FPS are silly. I just have to laugh... and then at these insane resolutions? Honestly I tried to run my monitor at those insane resolutions, and anything past 1600 by 1050 was very bland, and crappy looking.

As far as Eye Affinity that is over kill. Those lines in the middle of the screen would bug the hell outta of me. Considering all that crap is, is a bunch of monitors put together, why not just by a freaking 50 inch LCD HD TV and hook it, I guess its for that insane resolution, but still...

So at the risk of being flamed again. Thats all I got to say.
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