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Default Re: ***Official BioShock 2 (PC) Feedback Thread***

@Mullins1060 : Did you notice that at the start of the game it said that there are additional Achievements on 'Hard' setting? So even though you nearly have them all, you will be missing the 'Hard' achievements at the moment also. Just a heads up in case you want them all

Am enjoying the game so far and on my second Little Sister. Playing on Medium and the game seems a lot harder than the first (or maybe I'm just getting older). I get through amo and med kids at an alarming rate and the Splicers seem a lot more vicious!

The graphics are looking a little dated now and think a more 'realistic' look would have been better than the very colourful and more 'cartoony' look of BioShock 1. I did manage to AA working though and that has improved the overall look somewhat.

Maybe this is my age (again), but I fond it really confusing that the left mouse button uses the drill etc. (in your right hand), and the right mouse button uses your Plasmids (in your left hand) :P I know I can swap them over, but did take a minute or two to get it into my head... must... press... left... button... for... thing... on... right... I used a lot of Eve before I eventually got it into my thick skull.
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