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Default Re: NVIDIA GF100 Previews

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
That doesn't make much sense. A 5970 will be at least 50-60% faster than a 5870 most of the time. In cases where Crossfire scales optimally, around 75-80%. How does less than a 20% increase in shader capacity (448>512) make up that difference to where it would go from only beating 5870 by 10% to close with 5970?
The 448SP part and the 512SP are going to have different clocks. The 448SP should come in, unless they have changed things, 450-475 for the core and around 1250-1300 for the domiain while having just 40ROPs. The 512SP part is 48ROPs and should come in at 600-625 core and 1450-1500 for domain clocks.
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