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Default Re: ***Official BioShock 2 (PC) Feedback Thread***

Originally Posted by Mullins1060 View Post
I have just completed this on medium difficulty, and whilst I thoroughly enjoyed it I felt it was missing the creepy level design from the first, whereas for example the Medical level in Bioshock oozed creepiness, there was none of that at all in Bioshock 2, not once was the environment scary, which I felt was a shame.

Those saying it was fairly short, yes if you charge through the game not appreciating the messages scrawled on the walls and not collecting the tape recordings yes you could well complete the game in sub 5 hours. If you do this I would say you are missing out, as these things provide a brilliant insight into the world of rapture and are a pleasure to listen to, too many games these days have sub par voice acting, so its very refreshing for this to not be the case in Bioshock 2.

My first playthrough took ~10h. I only have a couple of single player achievements left to earn. I searched every nook and cranny for the tape recordings so I am fairly sure I found and listened to them all.
i thought sirens alley was far too creepy than anything in bioshock1.
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