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Default Re: NVIDIA GF100 Previews

Originally Posted by Wolken007 View Post
gulizard, people respond negatively to your posts because you don't seem to have a middle-of-the-road approach. It is perfectly fine if you prefer nvidia products over ATI. However, you fail to recognize that both companies have had issues over the years with different products. Plenty of users have both positive and negative experiences with both. I know the name of the site is nvnews and has focused traditionally on nvidia products, but that doesn't mean that everyone here has to be a die-hard nvidia fan. I have used both products over the years and will continue to do so. I welcome the companies competing for the performance crown.

You make a lot of claims about ATI products based on a seemingly limited experience from quite some time ago. For you to make claims like "ATI has crappy drivers" and "ATI doesn't do AA as well as nvidia" and "Eye Affinity (which by the way, is actually Eyefinity) is overkill and worthless" without having used ATI's current generation of products is ridiculous. If you are loyal to nvidia and want to buy their product no matter what, that is fine -- just don't make claims about products that you have no experience with.
I have a 4800x2 series card behind me in a box. I used it for 2 weeks, and went back to nvidia.

As for the way I approach the situation, and address these guys with 100 or less post that are here calling people names, and attempting to make it look as if nvidia has fallen those are the reasons I get angry. Makes me not even want to come to this site. I like technology to. I just never liked ATI, and I haven't registered over at Rage3d and started posting how crappy ATI has, but I have a half of mind to, considering that a lot of these new users have came here with no indications of ever owning an nvidia card. When a company falls behind, or doesn't keep up theres always one guy that had a bad experience with nvidia, maybe he got a DOA card, and blames nvidia, but hes the guy registering here and bashing nvidia, and trying to make his beloved ATI card look so good.

People are putting nvidia down an awful lot, considering they or no one for that matter has any proof of what nvidia is going to do. Its all speculation. The fact its taken this long, tells me personally they are probably finalizing the card. People are saying it will use more power then ATI? How can you prove this? Even if you found a site that shows power consumption that is not the final product. It isn't released. When its released even then you shouldn't be here with an ATI card telling people how horrible nvidia is.

Look up my post up until this mess started. Not once have I ever posted a single negative thing towards ATI, or anyone that owns an ATI card. Its because of these ass hats on here now, that I've gotten so hostile, because I come into this thread to be informed about nvidia graphics cards, and how it may compare, not to hear how the company is junk, and that people hate nvidia so much, and all that non sense. So when that stops maybe I will be a little nicer in my post.

Again no matter what a fan of ATI tells me I am loyal. I do not play musical chairs with anything. I don't swap between brands... I went to Intel after AMD bought ATI. People who are loyal and want to register here because they are a fan of nvidia, and technology, shouldn't be so darn hostile, and you know those same people here that have been here for awhile that are running nvidia through the mud, are the same ones that probably were doing it to ATI when nvidia was on top.

Nvidia has more games that it supports. Much larger gaming platform then ATI has right now. I am choosing to continue to buy nvidia products. I could really careless, as long as my card I got can run my game at the highest setting, and my desired resolution, at 45-60 FPS. If it can do 100 thats cool to, but I am not going to turn my back on a good quality made nvidia card that I have been buying for years over a few loss in FPS, if thats even the case.
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