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Default Re: Interesting / Important HotFixes

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
if you want, send me the minidump file

files should be either in root of c, or in C:\Windows\Minidump

its the crash log

or if you want to can look through the minidump with these tools

it will not tell you how to fix it, but at least it will point you in right direction what caused it
No file in either location. It never did complete the dump- it sat there for 5 minutes with the HDD light solid on. So I did a hard boot- the hard steel-toe tip of my boot to the comptuer's face.

No, seriously though I just hard boot it. It's working okay so far... maybe the BSOD was a fluke? I hope so. Not using the computer for music though, just listening to the radio.
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