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Default Re: NVIDIA GF100 Previews

Originally Posted by gulizard View Post
As far as Eye Affinity that is over kill. Those lines in the middle of the screen would bug the hell outta of me. Considering all that crap is, is a bunch of monitors put together, why not just by a freaking 50 inch LCD HD TV and hook it, I guess its for that insane resolution, but still...
Doesn't sound like you understand how Eyefinity works. Hooking up a 50" LCD would not give you the same experience.

What Eyefinity does is show you parts of the game that you don't get to see on a single display. So in your 50" LCD example, there are parts of the game to your left and your right field of view that you're not seeing on screen that you would with Eyefinity.

Eyefinity doesn't simply stretch the same experience across three monitors. It opens up more of the game for you to see at any point in time.

Also, Nvidia or ATI slapping their name on the back of a game box or game intro doesn't mean a goddam thing. There have been plenty of games that played perfectly on the competition's hardware, like Half Life 2, for example. ATI marketed it, but I never had problems playing it on an Nvidia card. Did you? What about Call of Juarez? That's another that was marketed by ATI yet played fine on Nvidia. That's nothing but a cop out to stick with a certain vendor. In reality, it doesn't mean ##&@.

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