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Default Re: Media PC to Home Theatre Receiver questions

Originally Posted by ragejg View Post
I hooked SPDIF out to the coax digital in on the receiver... set SPDIF Out as default in Sound, and digital audio is playing correctly.

I popped in the dvd "Live Free or Die Hard" and played it in Media Center... I believe I set everything up right, as the Dolby Digital icon is displayed during playback.

I'll post an update when I finally have the receiver hooked up in 5.1 channel mode. Right now it's just 2.0 as I had to pirate the mono 1/8 (sub's output) to RCA cable (receiver's input) from the sub to use for the Audigy to receiver hookup.

For what it's worth there is a clarity to the sound that wasn't there before.
That DVD is already encoded in DD- so your receiver just decodes it and plays back the audio.

Trying running a video game, or listening to music, while encoding it in DD- that's what frenchy meant. For example, with the integrated in my Intel DX58SO motherboard I can encode anything in the Dolby Digital format- I can have my music encoded in DD, video games, and even movies from my iTunes account that I've dl'd (that aren't already DD).

Make sense?
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