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Default nVidia GeoForce 210 on Toshiba 46" tv


I just got a Toshiba 46" LCD 1080p tv & was hooking up my tv to the PC-in from my computer (Acer Aspire w/ Windows 7 Home) and i'm trying to get the display to 'stretch out' to the whole screen, but all i can get it to do is fill in a square in the middle and the only resolution that seems to work is 1280x1024. it looks great, but it's only using about 60% of my screen.

does anyone know how i can set my screen resolution to something that will fill in the whole mammajamma?

there's no 'auto-detect' wizard in my nVidia control panel like on my XP machine, so i'm kind of at a loss.

i appreciate any help!
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