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Karmic 9.10 driver
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Default Can't get 1680x1050 just 1280x960

Beating the web up on this one...

Karmic 9.10 installation feat.: Asus A8N, AMD Manchester X2, 2G/250G & 1TB/dual NV 6800 GS (SLI) dual booting x64 and Ubuntu.

Have installed restricted drivers for the GPU's as per Canonical and NV but all attempts to run NV drivers are causing X to crash on take-off (will not boot to GUI -- can log into console where a cp of xorg.conf created by NV and rm of the file restores the system).

9.10 (as I understand) depreciates the xorg.conf file but NV (latest attempt was w/190.53) crashes X on start; looses video signal and I have to kill the box to restart/recover.

My system runs natively at 1680x1050 but the most that 9.10 gives me is 1280x960. When I go to System > Preferences > Display I get the following message:

"It appears that your graphics driver does not support the necessary extentions to use this tool. Do you want to use your graphics driver vendor's tool instead?"

I also note here that my monitor is "Unknown" in type. It is a Sceptre X20...

Clicking "Yes" yields this message:

"You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run 'nvidia-xconfig' as root), and restart the X server."

Attempts at installing the NV drivers kill X thus I haven't gotten the machine to the point that I had the proper X driver in the first place.

Anyone else run into this? Suggestions?

Things I'm trying now are: rm SLI feats. in BIOS, remove second GPU, etc...and see what I get. I can also try reinstalling the latest NV driver (again) but this time run nvidia-xconfig afterwards and see what I get I guess...

Thoughts or learned input sought! : )
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