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Default Re: Is it possible to connect ps3 to pc display?

It says "Most Active Topics
How To Use Your 226BW HDCP Compliant Monitor As A TV"

And under specs it says "DVI(HDCP)"
I have two outputs. DVI and Dsub. It seems DVI is called HDCP.

Next questions!!!
1.What is on PSN?
2.Do I have do pay for everything?
3.Are there demos for most of games?
4.Can I install games like on 360?
5.Can I play games like killzone2etc for free over WI-FI? Would love to kick some nvnews members arses
5.How "durable" is ps3. Does is have issues like 360?
6.What can You say about ps3 dualshock3. I have only used x360 pad and it was quite comfortable... only it was getting very "sweaty", and I had to clean my hands a LOT.
7.Backward compatibility? Only needed for Shadow of the Colossus.
8.Can I use ps3 to browse internets (offcourse in simple way)
9.Standing Vertical horizontal. I prefer Vertical-phat vs Slim.

10.And finally how is it overall. Share Your opinions on gaming etc etc

Sorry to have tons of question but I have to be sure. it costs A LOT in here and games also are quite expensive so I have to make a not fail choice I watched plenty of reviews but those are all quite the same...
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