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Default Re: Is it possible to connect ps3 to pc display?

1) Alot of stuff, look around.
2) Demo's are free, Games cost money. You can also get Themes, Trailers and other things free.
3) Alot of demos but some games don't have a demo.
4) No
5) All MP on the PS3 is free. The only subscription service Sony offers is Qore.
5-2) Very reliable, the system is probably one of the most reliable consoles ever made.
6) I prefer the Dualshock over the X360 controller, im just more use to it.
7) Unless you got one of the original units then only with the PSX Games.
8) Yes
9) I have mine horizontal right now.
10) I love my PS3, it offers a wide range of genres to play and when a game is developed specifically for it they truly shine.
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