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Default Re: Is it possible to connect ps3 to pc display?

Originally Posted by HiCZoK4 View Post
It says "Most Active Topics
How To Use Your 226BW HDCP Compliant Monitor As A TV"

And under specs it says "DVI(HDCP)"
I have two outputs. DVI and Dsub. It seems DVI is called HDCP.

Next questions!!!
1.What is on PSN?
2.Do I have do pay for everything?
3.Are there demos for most of games?
4.Can I install games like on 360?
5.Can I play games like killzone2etc for free over WI-FI? Would love to kick some nvnews members arses
5.How "durable" is ps3. Does is have issues like 360?
6.What can You say about ps3 dualshock3. I have only used x360 pad and it was quite comfortable... only it was getting very "sweaty", and I had to clean my hands a LOT.
7.Backward compatibility? Only needed for Shadow of the Colossus.
8.Can I use ps3 to browse internets (offcourse in simple way)
9.Standing Vertical horizontal. I prefer Vertical-phat vs Slim.

10.And finally how is it overall. Share Your opinions on gaming etc etc

Sorry to have tons of question but I have to be sure. it costs A LOT in here and games also are quite expensive so I have to make a not fail choice I watched plenty of reviews but those are all quite the same...

#5 - Wifi has a higher latency and lower bandwidth, so while you can, I wouldn't.
#5 (you noticed you used 5 twice right?) - Treat it like a stereo receiver and you should be fine.
#6 - (compared to the 360)It is significantly lighter, seems shaped for smaller hands, the rumble is weaker, layout is slightly different, you'll just have to get used to it. The most annoying part is that with no replaceable battery, you need to have a spare controller on hand. (battery life is fine).
#7 - The slim has none.
#8 - Use a pc.
#9 - I have mine vertical, it is a monster of a unit next to the 360 and Wii.
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