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Default VDPAU feature set C MPEG2 artifacts on corrupted streams (for eamiller)

Moderator note: This thread was split from The problem eamiller refers to below is visible corruption decoding video using VDPAU. The original thread contained a modified driver intended to fix the issue described by that thread, but eamiller isn't affected by that specific issue. End moderator note.

I have been struggling with this VDPAU problem with a GT220 1GB card as well. I've tried the /usr/lib replacements for 64-bit Mythbuntu with the file posted here with driver 195.36.03. I'm running Mythtv 0.22-fixes updated to the latest weekly -fixes build for this week.

For the record, I replaced the in :

and verified the md5sum as matching the posted sum (bd1cd17cd1ce8afa77dfad66d14b91b1).

Nonetheless, using VDPAU for decoding my cable MPEG-2 HD channels results in frequent glitches. Everything from nearly a full garbled frame or two, to the image "shifting". It is no better than with the 190.xx drivers in terms of frequency. These channels are reported at 99% signal strength by the tuner, and the cable only goes to the 2 HD tuners in the Myth box, so these errors are probably in the stream when Comcast gets them (they show in xv-blit, but are limited to a very small area of the frame).

I'm so disappointed that I can't use VDPAU as when there are no errors, the video quality is far superior (thanks to the advanced deinterlacing).

Is there a difference between the 9400GT and the GT 220 that would need further customization of the libvdpau_nvidia* files?

I've posted my nvidia-bug-report and cpuinfo as well.

Hope I can get a solution here.
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