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Default Re: Can't get 1680x1050 just 1280x960

Okay...another day of investigating another day of wrong resolution.

So far I've cataloged my adapter settings and monitor specs:

NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS
ForceWare v84.25

Sceptre SPT2090 (X20G)
1680 @ 92Hz x 1050 @ 86Hz
EDID v1.3
Performance in x64 is: 1680x1050 (60Hz) I need to get this in 9.10!!!

- Removed the SLI bridge and reinstalled the 190 soap.
- Followed many rabbit trails online and found no joy...
- Unknown monitor type leads me to believe and issue reading EDID data from monitor.
- Have installed ghex and read-edid but cannot get nvidia-settings to run properly (I'm preparing for the possibility of having to do some editing regarding resolutions)

Will continue to update this thread as I go...
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