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I picked up a pair of Elsa 3d LCD glasses a few years ago for my old TNT-2 card. They were great. For driving games, like need for speed 3 the effect made a huge difference in the feel of the game. In games like Tomb Raider where the camera shifts around it took about 30 seconds for head to start spinning to feel sick, so I couldn't use it with those type games. With McGee's Alice it added a nice touch to the game but it wasn't as nice as the improvements I notice with car games.

Now jump to modern times. I still have the glasses but I can't get them work. Both with the Geforce2 I owned and now with my Geforce4 Ti. Elsa's drivers worked great but they stopped making them back in the TNT-2 days (I guess there was a way to make them work with Geforce cards but you had to enable TNT compability thus killing the use of the new card). Nvidia has 3d drivers but they are a bit buggy and unstable. Some people have no problem getting them to work while others run into blue screens with them. I've tried all the stuff on the support forums to try to get them to work, but no luck.

You can check out more at.
And the forums at

Good luck. You can also use the nvidia stereo drivers to use red/blue 3d glasses.
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