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Default Re: Is it possible to connect ps3 to pc display?

I love my PS3. I had it hooked up to my Dell 2407 for a while (with HDMI - DVI converter plug). Works great, also, the 2407 has HDCP, so that helped.

But now I have it hooked up in my living room on my 52" Sony Bravia @ 1080p. It's quite amazing. I am using the optical out on the PS3 to my receiver for 5.1 and I have the HDMI audio out still turned on too. If I don't want the house shaking, I just use the TV speakers and I don't have to play with any settings. It's a nice feature of the PS3 (dual audio output). I also have the PS3 remote for when I'm not playing and I'm looking around on XMB or getting ready to watch a DVD or Bluray.
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