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Hi Guys

A very regular visitor here now, first post

After installing 40.71, uninstalled 30.82, I am having two probs that I cannot get to the bottom of.

1. Links LS 2003 golf now hangs, just locks up after a min or 2.
2. Nview, in display props, interface corrupt and cannot access colour settings etc.

Anyone having similar probs?
Any ideas?
Tried all the usual crap, had nvidia cards since tnt2 so know my way around.

In every other way these are exellent drivers for me with a 1000 jump in 3Dmark and other games, so would like to keep them.

P4 2.53 @ 2.945
1 gig XMS 3200 c2
Asus P4B533 V
Gainward 4600 3DMark2K1SP 13877

Windows XP SP1
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