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Default Re: Post pics of your home theater audio setups!

Originally Posted by CybrSage View Post
Denon +1. Great receivers I'm the satisfied and happy owner of an AVR-2809 unit, still working on getting some speakers though (Current setup is 2.0 - Jamo D 265 speakers which are good, but nowhere near as good as say, Focal speakers). Was thinking of getting some Focals, but they're rather expensive here and I can't really afford them right now. Aiming for a 5.1 set and MAYBE eventually 7.1. My PC is also connected to the receiver via HDMI (Radeon 4870) which is pretty neat too if I want to watch some family guy episodes or whatever.

TV (Samsung LE40B650):

Consoles (Rather new XBOX360 - I bought a fat PS3 on purpose, it was the last one they had at the store, don't like the slim):

Receiver and Humax digital TV decoder:

Quality of the pics isn't great. Took them with my phone. All in all, it's pretty mainstream stuff. My budget is unfortunately not unlimited and with my current expenses I don't really have much of a choice lol. And please... NO BITCHING ABOUT POOR CABLE MANAGEMENT! I've got enough people nagging me about that already hehe
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