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Default Re: Is it possible to connect ps3 to pc display?

I have a friend with a ps3 who has had 2 go out on him in the past year, while my 360 has been just fine since I got it. So ymmv.... the ps3 is probably still a more reliable machine and it's a more complete system. I hear rumors that PSN won't be free much longer... but it was just a rumor.

I still personally believe that if you are buying a console just for gaming purposes go with a 360, if you want a gaming/media console get a PS3.

If you already had a 360.... give the PS3 a shot. You may like it. My other good buddy with a PS3 (original model, hasn't failed) loads games sooooo slowly. My xbox would load gta4 at least 2x faster. I hear the slim model is faster though.
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