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Default Drivers

nVidia has 2 driver packages. One for the graphics card and one for the nforce2 motherboard platform.

It appears that you have installed the graphics driver. The problems you're having getting 3d running are (I'm sure) covered in the other Linux forum on this site or in the install diirections with the NVIDIA_kernel-1.0 package.

The nforce2 platform package includes drivers for audio, network and GART. While I don't run SuSE, it would appear that the kernel version you have is new enough that the install package from nVidia is not available from them. So, if Yast doesn't have a NVIDIA_nforce package available, download the tar.gz from and extract the source code. cd into the nforce/nvnet directory and compile the network driver and install it. Directions are in the nforce directory and on this site to get the nvnet driver configured.

Hope this clarifies the situation.
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