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It worked earlier... I managed to read the whole thing.

It basically said that the NV38 was a pretty good card if they can keep the price a $100 below the 9800XT - they were pretty evenly matched apart from in heavy shader based titles. Their conclusion was that the extra shader performance on the 9800XT wasn't worth an extra $100.

The NV36 (FX5700) on the other hand was a completely different beast, it managed to beat the 9600XT in nearly every test - by quite a margin in some, and looked to be a really good deal if the price is kept at $199. Much more bang for buck than the equivalent ATI card. It is also the first chip to come from IBM. Also it looks to be a overclockers dream, I think they managed to get it to 500/1100 without a problem.

The PCB layout is identical to the NV30, which begs the question of why the NV30 cost so much? Either NV made a huge profit on it or they are taking a loss on the 5700...
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