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Originally Posted by trivium nate View Post
okay i just tried both W7 ultimate and vista ultimate 64 bit and got a bsod with both before I even got to install i pulled a stick of ram out but same thing i changed some memory options in my bios I put
memory clock frequency to ddr2 1066
dram ganged mode to enable cuz it said its for dual channel ram
and memory hole remapping is enabled and has been
Maybe it's not related to a memory issue but a disk one, in my motherboard I had to deal with the way the controller sees the SATA interface, so when I fired up the Windows 7 x64 edition (btw... 300€ a box hurts... A LOT ¬¬) and if I just proceed to tell it to install it BSOD'ed.

As my motherboard uses the GeForce 8100 chipset, I downloaded the nForce installer, unpacked it without installing, copied the contents of the sata_ide folder to a USB stick and before starting the installation I told the installer to look for the SATA drivers on the USB stick and... voilá!! worked...

Not sure if that could be your case, but I'd suggest you try look on your BIOS what kind of function does the SATA layer relies on... in my case it was IDE by default, using the USB stick guaranteed me to be able to use the AHCI layer, which is the correct one.

Hope this helps.

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