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Default Re: Is it possible to connect ps3 to pc display?

The difference in load times isn't significant, it is just slightly longer for ps3 games. The difference in load time for HD movies on the ps3 is only slightly longer than that, but still no big deal.

The only big difference I've noticed in game play between the two systems is mostly philosophical on the part of MS and Sony. Most 360 skus come with a microphone bundled, I don't think any do for the ps3 (except some bundles). Makes quite a difference when you want to play as a team with buddies (like I do). Although you can pickup cheap wireless blue tooth mics for the ps3 for $30.

Otherwise people should remember that when buying a system (any system: wii, ps3, 360), the cost that you are going to end up paying isn't that of just the console. Your going to want to buy the game you wanted the system for (which usually isn't packed in), probably a second (or more) controller(s), cords, etc. Think I ended up spending $700-$800 for my ps3 (taxes included), and I got the $299+tax slim.
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