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Default Re: Crysis 2 preview

  • Game is set three years after Crysis and Warhead
  • You play as Nomad
  • Aliens have invaded major cities including London, Tokyo and ofcourse, NYC.
  • Spaceships will be patrolling the skies.
  • You can scan corpses to gather information about the story/world.
  • They are making a backstory for the game world.
  • The game world will be much larger compared to Crysis

  • Four Nanosuit modes: Armor, Power, Tactical and infiltration
  • Tactical mode allows players to collect information from the environment much like the detective vision in Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • Strength mode + Speed mode = Power mode
  • Infiltration mode cloaks the player, and also makes him move slower and quieter
  • Tactical Mode: Ambient sounds are supressed and you can eavesdrop on conversations.
  • Armor Mode: Movement becomes "Heavier" and bullet impact noises are different
  • Power mode: Player uses fists instead of weapon's butt for melee.
  • There will be an RPG-like upgrade system for your suit that gives you abilities such as seeing silhouettes of enemies through walls in tactical mode, deflecting bullets in armor mode, etc.
  • There may be remaining citizens who populate the city, despite the crisis. Weapon/Equipment merchants, maybe?
  • There may be HUD/visual elements that always indicate to the player of the suit mode he is currently in.
  • There will be a new faction that the player will be up against, and they're not Korean. These guys in the screenshot might be them.

Design Changes
  • Vertical Gameplay. You can climb buildings, jump in through their windows, slide down craters.
  • New york was not chosen because of alleged console limitations, but because Crytek wanted to avoid making yet another jungle game after they had done three already.
  • Crytek have tried to actively avoid of using dark dystopian colors and tones that have been plaguing many games these days.

EA has confirmed that all their games 2010-11 will have DLC. Crysis 2 being one of them.


Interviews with Cevat Yerli and Nathan Camarillo here.

Info courtesy of InCrysis
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