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Originally Posted by trivium nate View Post
okay i just re tried the new moth i booted into start up select the partition clicked on load drivers browsed to the nothing came up so i clicked hide drivers or w/e that arent complatible and clicked one blah blah blah.inf they were all the same so i clicked on clicked next it starts installing then gets to the third step with a green check mark next to it and the other options grayed out....i think it like pauses idk
Weird... when I do the procedure it reacts like usual, I click on 'Load driver', browse for my USB key, and after selecting it, it automatically shows the following: NVIDIA nForce SATA Storage Driver

Once the driver is loaded, I wipe out the partitions, and re-do them (basically I told Windows to use my full 500GB space for C:, it just took around 100MB for the extra needed partition, but apart from that, everything went fine).
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