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Default Re: Video tearing on second monitor using TwinView

If you use the overlay-based presentation queue, you will not have tearing on any display, and no need to configure anything. See the VDPAU section in the README for details on when the overlay- vs. blit-based presentation queue is used.

If you use the blit-based presentation queue, you may need to set an environment variable before you run your video player application, to tell VDPAU which display device to sync to:


(replace "DFP-0" with the correct display name).

If you start your video player from a shell/command-line/terminal, simply execute that command first. If you start your video player from a script, you'll need that command in the script before starting your video player. If you start your video player using a GUI menu etc., things are more complicated; perhaps you can set that environment variable in your "x session" file.
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