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Default Re: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call of Pripyat

Originally Posted by Koko56 View Post
Maybe and maybe.

AS far as the game goes - it is the most polished and complete one to date.
spoilers are whited out, highlight to read. All very mild spoilers.

I'm 15 hours in (according to steam) and about half way through the Jupiter map. Even if you are not completing quests there is still plenty of artifact hunting to be done. I hunted enough artifacts on the 1st map to fully upgrade 3 weapons to "level 2" and buy an exo-skeleton which cost me 60,00RU.

However I couldn't run in the exoskeleton so it really wasn't suitable in the middle stages of the game. I'm getting some good dosh coming in from hunting artifacts around Jupiter and taking them back to the original map to sell to the trader.

The length of this game should really be determined by how long it takes for you to get bored exploring the zone, hunting and selling artifacts, upgrading weapons and ammo and suits etc. Because there is nothing that compels you to advance the main story unless you want to.

Certainly loving this game. And I quite like the voice acting it's a nice little quirk.

If I could take a leak, I'm sure someone would yell "Put that shooter away Stalker!"

p.s. why isn't this thread stickied? It's an unofficial official game thread!!
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