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Default Re: 260GTX nvidia-drivers-190.42-r3 - powermizer issue

Originally Posted by gio___ View Post
2) Video card does not switch to battery mode when AC is unplugged... X crash with "NVRM: Xid (0002:00): 6, PE0001".
As result, the laptop cannot be used without power supply... .
Ok... this issue can be solved adding at kernel's parameters:

I've also recompiled my kernel (2.6.33-rc3) with HPET_MMAP=y... but may be it's not necessary..

So... now my laptop is working good on battery mode and even if powermizer still don't switch from AC mode to Battery, X don't crashes

EDIT: Sorry... my bad ... I spoke too early ...
problem is still present. I don't know if it's less frequent, or if by chance all day does not occur ... but now X crashes restart...
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