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Default Re: ***Official AVP 2010 (PC) Thread***

I got in one game of multiplayer and got through the tutorial for the predator last night. Predator seems cool, but I really was just rushing through the tutorial when I probably should have payed more attention. Graphics look fine, nothing spectacular, but I am in dx9 mode with my SLI GTX 275's. I think I tried loading up the DX11 .exe using steam and it didn't work but I don't remember.

I got absolutely smoked in the multiplayer... how are people so good already? Granted, I was playing as a predator for the first time ever, so I am sure that had to do with it. Maybe I should have payed more attention during the tutorial in SP lol. There was a lot less lag this time around... not sure if it had to do with it being the full game and not the demo but everyone's ping was around 100-120. That's not the greatest but I could at least see people wind up their heavy attacks and see them blocking, etc.

I will probably log a ton more into this game this weekend as I have a lot of friends out of town so there's not much else to do.
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