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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by JasonPC View Post
All the nvidia PR guys are responding by saying Charlie is going to be eating his words come March. But we'll see. Are they right or are they PR guys being PR guys.

And you'd expect them to say anything else?,since they are from Nvidia's marketing dept afterall and besides,even Nvidia's own CEO was caught in a lie when he stated Fermi might be available in late november 2009,most likely to keep potential customers from buying ATI cards this round.

He knew there was no chance in hell of fermi getting released that early in any sort of volume,yet he still said it anyhow,and had to personally retract on that statement later on,and that's the example set from the leader on Nvidia itself,so what do you expect the PR guys from the same company are going to do?....

Fermi is so horribly late at this point that refresh cards based on the GF100 GPU should be out not much after this first release anyhow....Kinda like what happened between the NV30,also being horribly late like Fermi,and the NV35 which was released about 3 months later.
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