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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis View Post
again, how can you prove you KNOW that he said something he KNEW was not true? You cannot. the proof is on you since you make the charge. I am not saying he did not lie as I have no way to prove that either but then I am not making charges against him.
Well a couple of things.

First: there is historical precedent. He made the same kind of statements around the time of the NV30 launch, which was only delayed for like 6 or 7 months or so. It also was not ready for launch and yet we were fed information about how it would be out by a certain date and how it would be so amazing and so fast. And yet, we find out afterwards, that was a concerted effort to feed b.s. while preventing people from buying other cards. I ended up buying a 9700pro and was more than satisfied for a long, long time.

Second: there is nothing to indicate that Nvidia has had any kind of shipping schedule or parts availability that would have prompted a November launch or even talk of one. Since the date has already passed, I can say that we never had any test units in our labs, like we typically do and I didn't see any information regarding sku's, or anything really, either from our contacts or from the grapevine online (which is usually VERY accurate) about this kind of thing. Outside of the people at semi-accurate who seem more sensationalist than anything else.

I am in a position where I affect sales. If I go out and tell people I am working directly with that I have a shipping date while knowing full well that I have absolutely no way to actually facilitate delivery of the product, that is lying. In the case of Jen here, I think you can't go wrong calling it a lie.
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