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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis View Post
they can make predictions based on their previous experience I would guess. Both AMD and Nvidia have been having production issues (granted at different stages). I am sorry but you have to be able to prove intent to say this person or that person is lying. Intel said Larrabee would be out by last October . . . were they lying? No. That was their best guess when they made the statement.

And that's the first mistake right there,since you never base availability on past experience with previous products,since previous products where using no where near the same transistor budget or fabrication process that fermi is,as a lot of things can go wrong between theory and actual product availability,you either have it or you don't,it's really that simple.

What you don't do is anounce availability at a given timeframe for a product that doesn't exist yet in actual silicon form,and having any sort of volume that would allow for a launch in november,means producing thousands of final Fermi chips beforehand,supplying those chips to Nvidia's usual partners to build the actual cards,getting drivers finalised for launch and all the marketing campaign that goes with it,so it's not a process that's done overnight,but takes a couple of months at least.

Basically when ATI had their launch on the 23rd of september,the final version of fermi would already need to be in high volume production by then to even remotely allow a launch in late november with decent availability of cards to actually sell,not just a paper launch,and that was not even close to the case and Nvidia's CEO knew it.

as for Charlie: I don't give a rats arse about him. I can make a call and get right to the source. Does my source know EVERYTHING? no, of course not. But he does know more than some pinhead with an axe to grind (my bud used to be a hardware reviewer before working for Nvidia).

If you can,please do as people have had enough with the delays,performance speculations,power consumption and the actual launch date,which has still yet to be anounced officially BTW.
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