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Default Re: Final Fantasy XIII on X360 gimped.

FF13 is quite possibly the best looking thing on ps3.. are you sure its actually using any code over from the ps2 engines? esp since I heard it was programed on the pc. Saying the 360 graphics chip is superior is a pretty large inaccuracy. The hybrid pipeline design and main cpu/3 core architecture make it fairly straight foward and easy to program for. However square is been programing for the ps2's multi chip design for many many years now. Each game looking better then the next. It is no surprise that they have a firm grasp on the PS3 and its capabilities.

This simply showes that their xbox 360 port is abit rushed, and not surprisingly so. Weve heard its been coming to ps3 for many years now, and only half way through it was suddenly revealed it will be on xbox too. That combined with the fact that FF13 was falling behind so bad that the versus development team was pulled from their project to help finish 13, I am not shocked at all that the xbox port has issues.

Good thing is this is something that can be patched later to improve graphics and performance.

As for the multiple disc...its a given... the game was made to use the expanse of blueray, and 360 is still dawdling with dvd's. blame microsoft.
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