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Default Re: Quadro FX 880M Stability Problems

Originally Posted by d3mia7 View Post
My W510 will run for hours without Compiz enabled without trouble, but it dies relatively quickly when Compiz is turned on.
It died during the night when left running xscreensaver, actually. And no, I wasn't running Compiz. I'll try that to see if I can make it crash faster. When it did lock up, there was no message at all in Xorg.0.log.

Originally Posted by d3mia7 View Post
Interesting you're getting the 'WAIT' messages in your xorg.0.log as well. BTW I get the same ACPI message on Ubuntu - I'm guessing your screen brightness controls aren't working either?
By the way, I've noticed X "pause" for a second at a time, and maybe this corresponds to the WAIT message. And you're right about the brightness not working. I looked at the manpage of xbacklight, and it says it uses xrandr to do its stuff. I read somewhere that the nvidia drivers don't support newer versions xrandr, so I'm not surprised.
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