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Default Re: Nvidia may be in trouble according to this article

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Dude give it a rest already... Stop trying to pretend everything is/was perfectly fine with ATI. Your beloved 5000 series was available only in very limited quantities until a few weeks after the official release.

Actually,ATI had already 300 000 cards ready for the official launch between the HD5700/5800 series when it was first launched,but given how well they performed and that rumors regading fermi delays were already floating around the web,they sold out that initial lot in record time,as a lot of people simply decided not to wait for Fermi if it's that late to the market....Patience has limits for everything.

Now this latest article just rubs it in even further with the likelyhood that getting your hands on one of those cards from the initial batch,if it really is under fermi 10 000 cards worldwide,will make getting an HD5800 look easy by comparison,with higher volumes only really being available starting from may onwards.

As hard as it is for some to admit,this first generation of Fermi is over and done with given all the delays,much like what happened with ATI and the original R600 which was also delayed 6+ months compared to the G80 based cards,and where it was replaced very quickly with the RV670 based cards about 3 months later,since at least those were cheaper to build and used less power than the original R600.

Basically,look for a second generation of the GF100 GPU to show up soon after this one,this time taking all the lessons learned with the first version in terms of yeilds,power use and actually hitting the clocks that were intended for this first version.....ATI is coming out with with refreshed versions of their HD5*** lineup and they've also got a new architecture popping up with the northern islands series(HD 6*** line),later this year,so Nvidia have to look beyond the original GF100 at this point.
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