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Default Any Ethical Hackers?

This may be a "no-no" topic but I don't think it would be too bad if everyone kept it at a safe level of discussion. MODS - Close if you see the need.

Something that has really intrigued me lately has been the whole topic of "hacking"; how it's done and what we can do to prevent it. One thing we don't do at my place of work is any major security pen tests or anything other than "get a firewall, get some crazy passwords, get encrypted". So I thought I would dive into the subject, do a little digging around myself and see what happens.

I started messing around with the Linux distro "BackTrack" and checking out some of the tools with it. I tried to crack my own WPA-secured WAP and my buddy's WEP old POS WAP. I have been unlucky but it's mainly to do with some of the tools I lack (dictionary files).

Next, I started doing some reading online and finding just some methods that are being used today. I've also been messing around with a few other apps too.

I am just floored at some of the methods that "hackers" are using today and just the shear stupidity of the average user falling for these methods lol.

Anybody else study stuff like this? For fun or for just your own personal knowledge?
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